waterless urinals by Zero Water

URIMAT is the 'TESLA of Urinals'

Super efficient, saves 40k gallons of water per year, self-cleaning, OTA-update for WiFi models, CO2-emission free manufactured, 100%-recyclable, revenue generator through advertisements.

Thanks to a California Water Rebate Program, you could update your restrooms with waterless urinals for next to nothing!

6_compact_info_einzelAs the state of California becomes more environmentally conscious and faces a crisis during a historic drought, government rebates have become available to encourage business owners toward the use of waterless urinals in an attempt to conserve valuable drinking water.

The California Water Rebate Program enables business owners to:

  • Receive brand new Urimat Waterless Urinals free of charge or at a reduced cost (depending on your water district's rebate amount)
  • Reduce the professional installation
  • Update their restrooms and decrease their water usage
  • Generate revenue through advertisements

All together, California's Water Rebate Program provides savings for up to $500/unit, but only for a limited time. To claim your rebate and update your urinals, fill out the form to the right to request a waterless urinal assessment from Zero Water Consulting.

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