waterless urinals by Zero Water
  • Touchless Technology
  • Rock in Rio
  • Eliminate Water Waste
  • Cute Your Bill in Half
  • No Odor
  • Your Customers Will Appreciate It

URIMAT is the 'TESLA of Urinals.' Find out why.

Instant Green since 1998

Over 175,000 happy customers and trusted in over 40 countries. That's a lot of love!

Manage water consumption more efficiently

Modern water saving technology can no longer be dismissed in the sanitary sector. URIMAT is a global solutions provider for innovative, environmentally friendly water saving technologies and biological cleaning concepts. Our product is produced emission-free and has a very low environmental impact. Urimat waterless urinals are clean and odor free (patented hydrostatic float system). Our system saves over 40,000 gallons of water per year. That's about two medium-sized swimming pools full of water per urinal, per year!

URIMAT qualifies for water rebate checks for residential, commercial, and institutional locations for up to $500/unit (depending on location).



How do Waterless Urinals Work? Zero Water Consulting

$199 Install - See If You Qualify


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